Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Info on Gus Gallows and his books

Hello dwellers of the ethereal mists,

I have finally finished writing my third book in the Lore of Algoron Series, The Price of Love, so I actually have some time to post to my blog. With that said, the book is now sitting with my editor. Officially, the release date is February 14th, 2014. But that is not the purpose of today's post.

Today, I just want to give you, the reader, a little bit more information on how to find me in that dauntingly large universe we call the internet. I look forward to meeting you guys, so please feel free to add me on any and all of my social media pages. They are as follows:

My Home page:

Facebook (Gus Gallows):

Twitter (@GusGallows):

LinkedIn (Gus Gallows):

You can also catch my interview on at the following URL:

As for my books, currently, only the first one is in print. The second should be in print within the next couple of days. The third, again, will be available on February 14th. The first two are available on Smashwords if you are using a NOOK or other reader. All three books will be available on the Kindle as soon as we can get them there. The URLs for the currently published books are as follows:

The Price of Honor, Book 1 of the Lore of Algoron, A Dark and Shattered Lands novel:
Amazon (paperback):
CreateSpace Store (paperback):
Smashwords (E-formats):
Kindle Store: COMING SOON

The Price of Dignity, Book 2 of the Lore of Algoron, A Dark and Shattered Lands novel:
Smashwords (E-Formats):
Amazon, CreateSpace, and Kindle: COMING SOON

The Price of Love, Book 3 of the Lore of Algoron, A Dark and Shattered Lands novel:
All editions to be released on or around February 14th, 2014.

Again, I am eager to meet my readers and if you are not yet one of them, I still want to meet you. For those loyal readers out there, help me get the word out. Please share this blogpost on whatever social media site you are on. It is time for the Lore of Algoron to be told.

Thanks for hanging in there while I immersed myself in the inkwell to get these three books written. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Godspeed you gentle (and some not so gentle) souls,

Gus Gallows

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