Monday, August 26, 2013

The Price Of Honor, Book 1 of the Lore of Algoron

Good day everyone,

It would appear that my book, The Price of Honor, book 1 of the Lore of Algoron, released early. It was slated for September 6th, but it showed up in today. You can find it at the following URL:

I was surprised by the early release but not upset in the least. I am glad to finally see it in print as a fully edited and published edition. Now I can focus on book 2, the Price of Dignity, so we can get it in print. It also means I can shift focus to book 3 which I am still writing.

Speaking of book 3, it had some interesting developments this week. One of the players of a character paramount to the story got in touch with me out of the blue and I was able to extract a lot of information which I had forgotten from her. This is good news because I was starting to get away from my goal to include as many actual player characters from the game as I could. It also helps me bring a more dynamic and interesting character into play which I was struggling with find a fit for. Now the character will be integral to the story.

So, long story short, it was a pretty good weekend.

As for my Kickstarter project, it isn't doing so well. As of  this writing, it has $126 pledged, which I am stoked about, but that is well short of the $10,000 we are trying to raise for the marketing campaign. As of this writing, we have 16 days left, so hopefully, there is a spike in interest. Please pass it along to your friends and colleagues.

On to other news, I am looking for others to start writing novels based on the world of Algoron, from the Dark and Shattered Lands game. If you are up for it, I would be glad to work with you on it and if we can get it done, maybe even help you get it published with my publisher. The book would need to be at least 50,000 words, it could be a compilation of short stories, or a full series of novels. I really want to open this world we created up to the world we actually live in. My three stories are such a small part of Algoron and I would love it if the people who still play in it, would share their own stories.

I own a web site which I haven't developed yet called I am considering making it a story site for folks to relay stories for all to read and we could set up a section just for DSL. What do you think about that? Let me know and please, let me know what you think of my book.

Have a great day, and if real life has dictated that you shouldn't have a great day, then at least get your character to that next level. :)


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