Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Another way to pay it forward

Hey guys,

I just wanted to drop a quick note about a site I found today that I absolutely love the concept of. It is called Kickstarter and it is there to do one thing: raise funds for creative projects. If you want to help out an author, or a band, or anyone else creative, all they have to do is create a project on the site, and anyone who wants to contribute can do that.

One of the neat things about it is, many of the folks raising money for their projects will include perks to contributors at different contribution levels. Like today, I contributed to an author wanting to raise money to create a interactive experience for his novels. The author's name is Michael Reed McLaughlin and the project is based on his trilogy, The Hero Sagas. I did a $10 contribution, as I can afford that right now (contributions can be as low as $1), so in return, once the project has met it's dollar goal, I will get a personalized Thank you post card, signed by the author, and a social media shout out. Had I contributed more, I could have gotten even more perks all the way up to a hand crafted sword. Pretty sweet, no? You do not have to accept a perk though. There is always the option to contribute without reward. It is your option and there is no shame in accepting or not.

Anyway, I am excited to find this site and just wanted to share it with you. I will probably be starting a few projects on there to help get my books to market, so keep an eye out for me. My profile on the site is:

If you want to also contribute to Michael's project you can find a link in my profile which will take you to it. His project funding end date is August 1, 2013. If his fund goal is not met by then, no money will be collected, so there is no risk.

Being an author, I love the idea of supporting other authors who's dreams so closely mimic my own. I feel this is a good opportunity to pay it forward for all the kindness that has been shown me over the years as I develop my craft. Hopefully, authors, readers, an artists of all things creative will see the value in this service and will join me in helping make some dreams come true.

Going to go for now. I look forward to any discussions around this topic.

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