Friday, June 14, 2013

Fresh Start

Friends, Foes and all those in between,

With the re-release of my series, The Lore of Algoron, I am feeling a sense of newness I haven't felt since the first release of my series, The Lore of Algoron. With that said, I feel I should reintroduce myself to you, my desired reader.

My name is Gus Gallows, and I am fiction. I am also a writer of fiction. Some would call me a liar of worlds, but they are stupid and are suffering from verb confusion. Do not listen to them. What they mean to say is, the worlds I write about, they do not exist, at least not in the shallow meaning of the word. This throws me into the world of not just fiction, but fantasy or fantastic fiction. I, myself, dwell somewhere between the worlds of Epic and the worlds of Urban fantasy. It is a scary place but I will try my best to allow you to safely witness its wonders.

I hope in the days that come that you will come to like me, no, to love me as I have come to love the worlds that swim around in my head and eventually dry themselves off in a tightly bound composite of paper and ink. I hope that you will tell your friends of your great love of me and that they get the chance to also open their hearts to me. Try not to allow jealousy to cause you to hold on to me greedily. Love for me should be shared, like a fresh doobie around a Rastafarian campfire.

For those of you incapable of such love, I ask that your disdain be held within the recesses of your black hearts and that my name never escape your lips except when you say something like, "Man, I hate that guy, but his stories are awesome." I do not feel this is too much to ask.

For the rest of you, step out of the void. Pick a side already. Know this, however; it is your love that feeds the goblin in my brain (his name is Grokle). It fills him to the brink and when he can take no more, he dumps it by a couple of means which I will not describe as I know many of you do not have the stomach for it, into my brain. This causes a chemical reaction, which in turn fires a few synapses giving energy and life to an alternate series of universes, which I, dear reader, get to witness in all of its glory, horror, and mystery. I have no choice but to put these to paper, less I go mad from the chaos.

We do not want to talk about what hate does to the goblin. *shiver*

So this is me. Love me.

You can love me in ways beyond simply reading my books. If you want to love me just a bit more, check out my T-Shirt shop at Gus Gallows T-Shirt Shop (That's whack) for some original, weird designs.

You can also follow me on twitter: @GusGallows.

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