Thursday, June 13, 2013

Books offline while being revamped

Hey guys,

Well it is time to do the right thing and with the help of Soul Star Multimedia, I can do just that. I have gotten a lot of criticism over my books. Mostly positive, but one negative one that seems to surface again and a again. "You really need to edit your book." Yes, I get this one even more than the "Why do you have a masturbating minotaur?" critique. :P For too long I have lived on the edge of putting a great story over grammatical semantics. I am finally giving in. You win.

As of right now, both of my books, The Price of Honor and The Price of Dignity, books 1 and 2 of the Lore of Algoron series, are yanked from the shelves pending an intensive edit by my new publisher, Soul Star Multimedia LLC. Fran, my agent/editor, your work is cut out for you my dear. :) I am hopeful that this partnership will take these books and the one I am currently writing, The Price of Love, to the next level.

Once these books are cleaned up and new cover art is applied, we will be embarking on an aggressive marketing campaign with Heidi, my marketing consultant. Keep an eye on my twitter feed (@GusGallows) and my Facebook pages for details:
The Price of Honor Facebook Page
The Price of Dignity Facebook Page

In other, but related news, I am going to be kicking off a new web page called I am not 100% sure what I am going to do with this site yet, so I would love to hear some ideas. One of the things I am thinking is to use it as a review site to review other author's works and make them available for purchase. Another, is possibly as a social networking site for authors to collaborate with each other on. If you owned the site, what would you use it for (and let's assume everyone has already said Porn, and move on from that one.) :P

Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. Until then, I am getting back to work. Stay tuned as I have a few new books I am working on which I am not ready to discuss other than to say, they are not my typical genre, but the stories have my by the heart and I really need to put them to pen and paper. Exciting days ahead.

Thanks guys. Your input has helped me get this far, do not silence up on me now. :)

Gus Gallows
twitter: @GusGallows

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