Friday, June 13, 2008

My first rejection letter

Yes, dear reader, it is true. I have received my first rejection letter. I am actually quite proud of it. It signifies my baptism into the fires of the unwashed, prepared to cleanse myself of my past fears and insecurities and step forth a new author, one who is going to be damned if he stops trying because of rejection.

The simple truth is, my query letter pretty much sucked. I had no idea what I was doing, but after receiving the agent's feedback, I understand now more what they are looking for. I also found another agent to try and this one has a blog with a wealth of good information for the aspiring author. His name is Nathan Bransford and whether he takes me as a client or not, I have already learned a lot from him. His blog link is I strongly encourage any aspiring authors to hop in and take a read. It could be the difference in getting an agent and moving on to the next level.

With that said, I have rewritten my query letter and submitted it to Mr. Bransford for his perusal. For those who have not written a query letter before, I am attaching mine. I am not saying it is the best ever, but it fits his formula and I think it reads pretty darn good. Though one correction should be noted, Instead of Dear Nathan, I should have been more professional and addressed it to Dear Mr. Bransford. It is just more respectful that way.

Now I am generally a pretty respectful guy, but when it comes to proper etiquate, I am not noted for it. I prefer to be more personable and talk to people on a first name basis. If that bites me in the arse then I suppose I will learn from that as well. ;)

Dear Nathan,

I chose to submit to you because of the postings in your blog. You seem to care enough about potential clients that I can only imagine how hard you will work for actual clients. I understand you work with just about any Genre so I am submitting my Fantasy piece for your approval.

Pah’min is a Minotaur living in the kingdom of his sworn enemies, Yiili. He is a spy sent at a young age with the purpose of discovering the invasion plans of Yiili upon his own kingdom of Ganth. Being a spy, he is separated from the woman he loves and the son he does not know he has. He is plagued by a torn sense of self which manifests physically when he is threatened. Raije, the God of War and Mencius, the God of Vengeance, the two Minotaur Gods of the Pantheon, compete for his soul as he strives forth in an attempt to earn honor in the most dishonorable occupation for a Ganthian. In Ganthian society, personal honor is held higher than all other attributes, and spies, no matter their purpose are seen as lacking in this attribute. The story follows his path to glory and the regaining of his own personal honor as the two lives he leads are suddenly thrust into one.

The Price of Honor is a 53000 word work of Fantasy and is my first novel.Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Wishes,
Chris Allen AKA Gus Gallows

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